Here are some of the tunes Alison has written. Feel free to download them, share them, play them, record them, etc, but please do all that PRS stuff and maybe drop her an email to let her know!

Rainbow Reel was written at Taransay Fiddle Camp in July 2008 and took first place in the tune-writing competition!

Rainbow Reel


Polka Perplexus is dedicated to the students who didn’t turn up for their piano lessons one day in 2010. Alison wrote this at the piano in her free time – hence the non-melodeon-friendly chords…

Polka Perplexus


The Heron was written while Alison was in the Cotswolds for the EAC summer school in July 2011. You can also buy a short violin trio arrangement, featuring solo violin and two easy accompaniment parts – please contact Alison for more information. This tune was also adapted for Alison’s Arena Overture (2013) – have a listen here.

The Heron


24 Ribbons was written and recorded one afternoon in 2018, shortly before Alison embarked on a short ‘maypole tour’ of schools and festivals across the South of England.


Blueberry Pie was written and recorded by Alison in 2018, and arranged for string ensemble.